Elevate Your Conservation Impact with Hula Earth

Empower your nature restoration projects with Hula Earth's cutting-edge monitoring tools. Seamlessly blend satellite insights and ground-level data to not just conserve, but to quantify your impact. Join a platform that connects you with passionate sponsors, amplifying the reach and success of your projects.

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Scale & Finance Projects Unlocked by Technology


Enabled by space data, IoT, and AI, our unique solution allows you to steer your projects. Take data-driven decisions to align with nature's best interest.


Get access to our global network of leading sponsors. We take care of the bureaucracy while you focus on your project's impact.

Tell Your Story

Use the generated metrics to tell the story of your project, underlined by unparalleled data and insights. Embed live metrics and widgets in your website.

Manage Your Projects and Track Success Metrics

Impact Screen of the Hula Earth Dashboard

Maximize Your Impact on Nature With Hula

Bird's Eye View of a Forest

Satellite Insights

for capturing the big picture.

IoT devices

for onsite intelligence.

Hula Earth BioT Sensor Placed on a Tree
Python Code

Data Science & AI

to make sense of the acquired data.

Customized Basket

of metrics - depending on project.

Different Quality Metrics to Emphasize a Customized Basket of Measurement Techniques

Live Updates of Projects on Your Own Website

Embeddable Screen of the Hula Earth Widget on any Website

A Window Into the Hula Earth Platform – Simply Embeddable.


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