The Most Comprehensive MRV For Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services

Hula stands at the forefront of advanced, data-driven monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) solutions, instilling confidence in every phase of the biodiversity conservation process.

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Introducing: The Hula BioT

Hula Earth BioT in Snow in Forest

Low-Cost, Low-Power, Long-Range

Looks like a hidden gem? Well almost. This is the Hula BioT - a low-cost, low-power, long-range IoT device. Designed from scratch to monitor biodiversity. It's fully integrated with the Hula platform and can be used to monitor numerous ecosystem services as well as wildlife. We designed our own hardware for the sole purpose of biodiversity monitoring. To bring you the best insights we can.

Detect Wildlife Remotely and Automatically

Insights From the Sky

Leveraging Satellites

We use satalites to gather data on the state of the earths surface. We use this data to monitor developments in our projects. We also use it to detect trends in the natural environment.

A River in a Forest From Birds Eye View

Blending Both to Align With Global Standards

Map View of the Hula Earth Platform with Environmental Metrics Shown in the Sidebar

Our platform handles the integration - no need to worry about it.

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Assessing the True Value of Nature: Basket of Metrics

Sankey Diagram to Emphasize a Large Basket of Metrics Needed to Assess Biodiversity

Assessing biodiversity is no small task. It requires many different metrics to be considered.


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