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What are Biodiversity Certificates?

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Promote Conservation

Biodiversity credits are a market-based mechanism designed to promote conservation and sustainable land management practices. In essence, they function as tradable certificates that quantify the positive impact a particular piece of land has on biodiversity. To create biodiversity credits, we assess ecosystems, taking into account factors such as the variety of species, habitat health, and overall ecosystem resilience. By assigning a credit value to these attributes, we provide an incentive for landowners and businesses to actively participate in biodiversity conservation. This not only fosters environmental stewardship but also allows companies to counteract their ecological footprint by purchasing credits, thus contributing to the preservation and restoration of diverse ecosystems.

Corporate Sustainability

For businesses, investing in biodiversity credits aligns with corporate social responsibility goals and can be a strategic way to demonstrate environmental sustainability. As the demand for these credits grows, the market evolves into a dynamic force encouraging widespread engagement in conservation efforts. Additionally, biodiversity credits can serve as a valuable tool for mitigating the environmental impact of development projects, creating a win-win scenario where economic growth is harmonized with the preservation of our planet's rich biodiversity.

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How do Biodiversity Credits Work?

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Bridging Gaps

Biodiversity credits serve as a financial strategy aimed at encouraging private sector investment in conservation efforts, bridging the funding gap between climate change and species extinction. Similar to carbon credits in climate change mitigation, these credits enable businesses to quantify and highlight their positive contributions to biodiversity.

Methodologies often employ a tailored "basket of metrics" specific to different habitats and ecoregions. Metrics, ranging from species richness to climate resilience, are initially measured to establish a baseline. Subsequently, a continuous monitoring tracks changes.

Simple, yet Powerful

Biodiversity credits operate on a simple yet powerful principle: rewarding and incentivizing conservation efforts.

Companies are increasingly purchasing biodiversity credits as part of their efforts to complement Net Zero Carbon targets and demonstrate commitments to a Nature Positive approach.

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Include Your Efforts in Upcoming Reporting

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Global Biodiversity Framework

We monitor projects and their progress precisely aligning with Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) enabling project sponsors to include the generated impact into their sustainability reporting and non-financial documentation. Among others, this includes carbon, biodiversity, or ecosystem services for water and air, depending on the project setup.

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