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Protect Biodiversity and Support Ecosystem Services

Polar Bear Greeting with Paw
of global wildlife has been lost over the last 50 years
$730 bn
of funding is required annualy to achieve nature positivity by 2030
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50 000+
companies have to report their impact on the environment & biodiversity based on CSRD

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Invest in Biodiversity

Find local nature restoration and conservation projects, operated by experts and granularly monitored 24/7.

Add positive impact to CSRD

Get biodiversity certificate aligned with global standards: GBF, TNFD, GRI, SBTi

Scientifically sound uplifts in biodiversity, CO2, air & water purification, climate resilience, and many more

Develop a Project

Get funding for your biodiversity projects and access to IoT, satellite, and AI tools for management.

Access to funding

Tech-enabled insights

Scale your project numbers & size

Risk detection and forecast

Improve your own Impact

Fund and monitor nature protection within your own supply chain while bringing positive benefits to the communities, landscapes, and ecosystems associated with.

Certifiable impact, can be included to CSRD

Aligned with global standards

Scientifically proven tech approach

Our Technology

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Remote Sensing

helps us detect large scale trends from space.

BioT Sensors On-Site

give us the granularity we need to get insights into the animal kingdom.

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World Knowledge

helps us enhance what we measure, by cross referencing with gathered data.

The Hula Earth Platform

is where all these pieces come together to form a comprehensive mosaic that allows for trustworthy biodiversity assessements.

Map View of the Hula Earth Platform

Visual. Intuitive. Powerful.

Leverage the full power of remote sensing, BioT Sensing and deep World Knowlege. All from a simple, visual and intuitive web-based tool.

Covering All Aspects


with Existing Frameworks.

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to Upcoming Regulations.


Biodiversity Certificates.

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assessed Impact in CSRD Reporting.

Supported by the Worlds Leading Organizations in Biodiversity

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