Why hula.earth?

Published at Nov 1, 2022

Why hula.earth?

Society highly underestimates the value of climate actions realized by our forests. While woods are the most important natural-based solution for capturing CO2, it becomes more and more difficult to financially afford actions to preserve them. We think forest ownership should be available to everyone, and taking care of this valuable good should be rewarded.

Preserving forest: CO2 sinks, biodiversity & much more

While humanity puts efforts into afforestation, deforestation happens simultaneously somewhere else on the planet. At hula.earth, we are convinced that preventing deforestation is key to contributing to stopping the climate crisis. How do we do that? We democratize forest ownership and reward!

Companies like Pina.earth, Tree.ly, and Single.earth are already working on a premium for sustainable and healthy forests that contribute to storing CO2. At the same time, people are striving to contribute to climate action, since politicians are not doing enough. Therefore, hula.earth closes this gap by providing fractional forest ownership. Individuals can contribute to preserving valuable CO2 sinks and saving biodiversity while at the same time earning a “green dividend” for locking their capital.

Forests are at risk: We need the right caretakers

The climate changed significantly over the last couple of years and forests face more and more risks. In Europe, bark beetles endanger entire regions amplified by monoculture. Especially woods full of spruces turned out to be prone to bark beetles while a growing population enlarge the danger to other trees and woods. Planted years ago as a fast-growing tree to produce affordable lumber in little time, the consequences are tremendous.

Wildfires are not only dangerous for humans and animals but also release a significant amount of CO2 that has been stored previously in forests into the atmosphere. Well-known examples are the yearly fires in California and Australia but also in Europe, significant areas of woods fall victim to wildfire. On the Iberian peninsula, for instance, droughts mainly caused by invasive species like the eucalyptus plant not only oust local plants but wildfires happen frequently.

Next to other hazards like fungi or fallen trees due to wind, those diseases underline the need for the right caretaker for current and future forests. Forests are too valuable for society to risk poor management. Those actions are not something a single person can carry. But this is where our partners come into play. Together with experts, we ensure extensive monitoring and proper treatment to minimize risks.


Our mission is to give forests back the value they deserve. After numerous discussions with experts about this vision, we noticed that now is the time to take action. Society is ready to change, and every sold m2 via hula.earth is another m2 that cannot fall victim to deforestation but contributes to stopping the climate crisis.